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why the CHANGE

Why the CHANGE.

I spread the hash evenly over the OCB as VP was browsing through YouTube for Music.
According to our dealers this was the best stuff they had got since a long time. They had got it from the one of the hill stations of South India which has the most fertile land for plantations.
I sprinkled more stuff than usual onto the brown OCB, and it was going to be long joint.
I was a pro now and rolled it into a perfect banana shaped joint.
I added more hash and filled it to the brim.
It was ready to get lighted up.
‘Ok bro pass the lighter”
VP threw one of the lighters.
And finally the first drag. My mind was finally clear now, it felt light and I didn’t care about anything for the moment.
Took another deep drag and passed it to VP.
The music played on, it was the ganja song by Bob Marley. It was our all-time favorite.
The song just took us to another level, every time.
I stretched out my legs to rest it on the bed.
It had been a year since I got into the dope. I still didn’t understand how I from a first bencher, class topper had converted to a last bencher, carefree, pro level joint roller who didn’t give a damn about the exams and failed his third year.
It was a crazy transition, not uncommon but odd timing.
The first time I drank was last year when we had gone for a sports tournament. Our boy’s hall was filled with bottles and cigarettes. It was tempting, so I tried it out.
After that there was no stopping. I drank weekends in the beginning, then progressed to thrice and now it depends on the situation.
VP stretched the joint to me.
The only problem my parents had was really me failing in my exams.
They kind of knew that I was drinking right when I started. Yes, they had objected it but I never listened. So they were just scared of my future.
This change even though bad, I feel that it made me more fearless. And that is one of the reason I dint stop even though I intend one stopping in a few years.
In general, I knew all of this could destroy me if I didn’t control myself but then it can also be the source of my inspiration in many ways. It helped me get a different perspective of life.
I understood why people drink in the first place, why people smoke up. I understood the high. I got high. I knew the feeling.
It wasn’t just something people got addicted because of peer pressure, the high actually changed the person. He lived a different life during that time. It was an escape from reality for some but for me it has always been about perspective.
It made me a broad minded person. I cared less, became emotionally less attached to temporary people.
It made me a better person overall.
The song came to an end.
“It is good stuff bro” VP said as he browsed for the next song.
“Yeah I know” I said taking one more drag.

Maybe I reduce the frequency, but I knew deep down that I would never quit.

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