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The patient who became my wife

The patient who became my wife.

Ten years, into my professional clinical practice, I had developed a reputation to handle all of the extreme cases. The cases which I got, I could easily diagnose the disease. For me it was not about the diagnosis but it was about the treatment. My cases came with all the typical signs and symptoms, just like how it was given in the medical books, but it was the extent to which the disease was let to grow. I had set up a small hospital. It wasn’t located in a big city; I chose a small village for this. My initial intention being to serve the rural people but eventually, people from all over the country came here. My cases were published in the many of the international journals along with my treatment methods. My most citied article was excision of the thyroid gland. That case was a forty-year-old woman, who had developed a huge nodular goiter in her neck. This for a general surgeon is a common case but the size of the swelling made the difference in …