The illness

The illness.

They would come any moment now. They had locked me in a room. The silence in the room made me restless, a humming kind of noise was ringing in my ears. I felt as if my brain was going to explode.
I sat with my legs folded to my chest on the bed, alone waiting for them to come and torture me, pierce me with the needles, experiment on my body.
I kept looking at the door and then I heard the keys unlocking the door.
They were here.
I had nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.
He came in with his assistant.
I jumped out of the bed and ran to the corner of the room. I tried pushing myself against the wall, but that was the end. There was no escape.
I crouched myself against the wall.
They both approached me. He wore a long white full coat reaching down to his knees, his face was pale white and the wrinkled severely, especially around the corner of his eyes and his mouth. The few strands of white hair were tightly tied back to a small bun; his scalp was shining through it. A wide smile across his face as he approached me. I noticed a long needle in his hand, it was the longest needle I had ever seen. And I hated needles, even the sight of it made me scared.
And his assistant, she wore a tight white cloth reaching until her knees and tightened around the waist with a thin white belt. She was too thin and her cheek bones were popping out from her face. She had huge dark circles under her eyes. Her bright red lipstick wasn’t properly applied and it came out from the corner of her lips at many places. She was holding a huge scissor in her hand.
“Please don’t, please….” I started crying.
They didn’t stop.
“We are doing this for your own good……. listen to me. We can help you.” He said to me.
“No…..No.” I screamed.
They stopped there for a moment.
 “You are not helping me. You are using my body. You, people who sent me here, all of you. You want to use me for your experimentation. You are going to torture me, cut my body, use me like an animal.”
“Please calm down……. we won’t hurt you” he said as they approached me again.
“I won’t let you do this to me…….” I wouldn’t let them torture me. I slowly reached for the pen knife hidden in my right sock.
And with one swift motion, I propelled from my crouching position and jumped on her. She was closer to me than him.
I took her to the ground and was on top of her. With all my force, I attacked her face, I punctured her right cheek bone. I didn’t stop, I attacked her right eye, directly piercing through it. The knife went deep inside her eye socket and blood spurted onto my face. I attacked the same spot several times.
But he came and grabbed me from behind. He had his arms locked behind my back, his grip was too strong.
“Emergency……We need backup medical emergency right away” he shouted.
The room was immediately lit up with red lights. It was an emergency situation.
He took away my knife and dragged me along the floor to the bed.
I started kicking my legs, I even head-butted his nose behind which made him let go but he immediately recovered and threw me to the bed.
Just like that, his men had arrived. Now I couldn’t do anything. There were too many of them. They held my hands to the side of the bed and tied my wrists tightly. My legs were also tied up.
She was still rolling on the floor in pain with her hands covering her mutilated eyeball, some tissue of her eyeball were in her hands. Seeing her in pain gave me some satisfaction.
He pulled my hair tightly, raising my head up. He had a firm grip on my hair. He tightly gathered all of my hair, the pain was unbearable. I could my scalp tearing away from my skull. One of his men handed the scissors. Without any hesitation, he cut of the majority of my hair. He kept butchering it for some time.
Then he took out his needle, attached it with a tube filled with light yellow serum.
He felt the for the veins in my neck. I shook my head violently several times but he pulled my hair back tightly and got me steady.
He injected the full liquid into my body, and slowly I could feel myself drifting away to the darkness.

From the window, a man was crying as he watched his wife in this state. But he couldn’t help it. She was mentally ill, and the illness had already caused the death of their three-year-old son. She was sentenced to mental asylum and treatment lifetime by the court. And also considering the fact that she was a violent prisoner, the doctors and the hospital had the right to use any method of torture or force to keep patient under control.

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