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Can be worse.

Life, can be worse.

Being a 24 year old medical student was fine, but I was HIV positive. I was recently diagnosed of virus and it came as a shock to both me and my family. My parents told me not to worry about it and continue leading a life as normal as I could. And I tried. I stopped going to college but the university let me write the exams and I got my bachelor degree. I couldn’t continue in the medical field after that. I had to quit. Yes, my parents always supported me but I wanted to find someone whom I could love and feel and touch without them being scared. I wanted a companion, a lover. So I decided the best partner I could find was someone who was HIV positive as well. I organized a talk, a seminar about how I was dealing with the difficulties and living with the deadly disease. But this lecture was open to only the HIV positive people, and I kept an age limit till 35. Both boys and girls were allowed. I never had a problem with the boys, in fact I was very quick to real…

The hard life.

The hard life.

He was late to his clinic by an hour, his patients had been waiting since more than an hour. He walked passed them to his room and started his daily practice. It was a routine for him. One of his patient was an old woman in her sixties, she was accompanied by his son who come with complaints of fever. Most of the cases were typical fever or headache cases. The son was clearly not happy about the doctor’s behavior but didn’t say anything. The doctor went on to examine the patient. The son was a laborer and had skipped his entire days’ work to meet the doctor. The doctor finished the examination in just a few seconds and gave her a tablet for fever and pain “The fever will subside in a couple of days” The son and his mother went away. They were charged 500 rupees for consultation. The son couldn’t believe it, the doctor had just prescribed a tablet and did nothing. It was not worth the cost. But he had to pay and he did. He would have a tough time managing this month’s e…

The last workout

The Late night workout.

He was the only one remaining at the gym. It was midnight and he was pumping his biceps. This was his last set of the day before he would lock down the gym and leave. As he was doing his final sets, he suddenly noticed someone at the other corner of the gym. There was someone, but he had made sure everyone left. He saw properly, no one was there, He again continued pumping when suddenly the lights started flickering at the opposite end and one of the weights fell down by itself. He immediately threw down the dumbbells to the ground, he was scared. The lights flickered and he noticed a shadow working out. He couldn’t believe it, maybe it was some intruder. The shadow, was that off a bodybuilder who was doing heavy deadlifts. The rod was chained around his hands and he let it down with a scream. He wasn’t visible clearly but he had very pale skin from the back and his veins were bulging out from everywhere. He wanted to run out of the gym but something kept him …