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Glimpse of my upcoming book

"“Sir, a 74 year old male patient, Keshav hailing from Mangaluru, a coolie by occupation, came to the hospital with primary complaint of chronic cough last year. The cough has exaggerated since one week and there have been two episodes of blood in sputum in the past week.” The post graduate was narrating the case and running to catch up with her Doctor. They were doing their rounds. “Sir, he also has a history of smoking, he is a chronic smoker. He has been smoking cigarettes since past 30 years at the rate of 2 pack per day.” The post graduate was almost out of breath because of all the running and talking since the one hour of extensive rounds. They stopped, they had already reached the patient but she could not finish the medical history of the patient. She hoped that her Sir would not screw her for not being quick enough in her work. Apart from the fact that she had a huge crush on him, she was also equally scared of him. But luckily for her, the Doctor started talking to th…