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Peace treaty

Peace treaty.
Faint pink light traversed through the clear sky, forming thin rectangular strips across her brown eyes, transfixed at the corner pointing to a distant object, with a denser shadow imposed over her throat. Her shoulders inclined across the steel railings, the flabby flesh of her arm seemed to be completely inundated by the uneven geography of the railings but least bothering her.
Renuka spent most of her day like this, she woke up late in the afternoon, ate once a day in the afternoon and immersed herself in solitude till sunrise, never having acknowledged my constant presence. I sat across the open verandah, trying to understand and imbibe her emotions. Silent and stationary. I couldn’t trace what she was so captivated by with Miles of barren land ahead of us. The infinite stretch of solitude protecting her from the bigoted worldly reality, the thin violet dispersion where the sky and land met offering a quick window to her thought before deceiving to the clear white sky. The f…
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The crossover

The crossover.
Kneeling on a small stool, hunched back, she rested her chin on the metallic frame of the window gazing at the mile-long straight stretch of concrete road running across her.
On either side, two protesting groups were separated unsymmetrically by the deserted strip of road. The right side, were the people from the Vrikanth state, demanding for water and the left were the Krikanth state who firmly refused to share their water resources. The excruciatingly long period of drought had vaporized their economy and traumatized the health of the Vrikanth people, leaving them no choice but showcase their desperation for survival.A mass demonstration of this caliber would surely pinch the thick-skinned rulers into taking some action.
“Gampu, Gampu, Gampu” her mother called out to her frantically. She immediately jumped out of her chair and ran to the kitchen. “Stay with your brother now, how many times do I have to call you. Your brother is not feeling well. Stay there, I will get him…

The village.

The village.

Salim, checked on his blinker which was still flashing red, and gently slid it back into his pocket. Taking the last drag of his cigarette, he flicked it away to the piled trash which lay just outside the medical examination building. Courtesy of a recent virus breakout causing a decline in almost half of the population, one of the village huts was converted to a makeshift examination center. Salim was tasked with controlling the epidemic as the chief public health examiner, specifically sent by the WHO considering his vast field experience in controlling many previous epidemics all over the world. This unknown virus, was first reported in this village a couple months back, immediately alarming the medical authorities and notifying the WHO about the virus. The only documented and proven pathology of the virus was that it spread through air, and resulted in respiratory manifestations finally leading to demise in an average time frame of 10 days. The cases had significantly…